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Great Valley Mountain Bike Club

This year is the 4th season for interscholastic cycling in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League (PICL) is established and is governed by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Great Valley Mountain Bike Club is to provide a positive experience for all student-athletes in accordance with PICL & NICA’s Five Core Principles: Inclusivity, Equality, Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Character, by creating life-long cyclists who are conscientious, responsible and empowered.

Club Philosophy

The Great Valley Mountain Bike Club will serve as a youth development program using cycling as the teaching medium. Student athletes will be encouraged to consider and set individual goals. In addition, the importance of each individual as a member of a larger club, regardless of ability level, will be realized according to the five core principles (Inclusivity, Equality, Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Character).


Who can join?
Our team is composed of girls and boys of all riding abilities. We are open to all riders from 6th to 12th grade, primarily from the Great Valley School District and surrounding areas. 
Who are the coaches?
GVMTB head coach is Mr. Tim Leary.  All  coaches are required by NICA to get coaches licenses, which inlcudes: coaching exams, clearances, first aid, concussion training, and coaches training. Mr. Leary teaches at the Great Valley Middle School and is an experienced mountain biker who is excited to share his love of the sport with the next generation of life-long cyclers.  We also have parent volunteers/coaches to help with ride leading and coaching the riders of GVMTB. Some of those parents are also lead coaches of the different ability level riding groups.
What's included when I join the team?
You can expect to have fun! We will teach you the basics of riding and maintaining a mountain bike. We hope to give you a sense of belonging to something great, a community of like minded people.
What do I need to join?
You need a mountain bike (a bike with gears and knobby tires) and a certified bike helmet (look for the sticker inside). Also, having a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, a respect to staying safe and an openess to having fun will be necessary. You will need transportation to and from practices during the week and to the team rides on weekends.
If you have any questions about your current equipment fulfilling the requirements please send us a picture of what you have. We will be happy to take a look and see if it will work. We will also be glad to help with advice on bike chioce, if you are looking to purchase.  Email: [email protected]
Suggested Gear List for GVMTB 
Is there insurance for the GVMTB team?
Once you are registered on the team through NICA, NICA provides liability insurance for all members on the team for all club activities during the season. The insurance is included in the price of the team fee.
When are practices?
Practices will begin in July. We have two weekly practices in the evening. Team trail rides will be on Sundays in the morning at local parks and public trails, TBD. Check out our trails page for a listing of trails that we will be riding this season.
What is NICA all about?
Below are some videos of what NICA looks like in other states.
  1. Utah NICA Season- 2014
    Utah has been involved in NICA for a number of years. This video shows what NICA and Interscholastic mountain biking means to kids that race in Utah.
  2. SoCal NICA Racing Season 2015
    This video shows what racing looks like at a NICA race.