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GVMTB Fitness Videos
Use these videos to improve your fitness or use when we don't have practice because of weather or wet trails. If you are replacing a practice with one or more of the videos, choose one long and one short video. If you are doing these as extra, choose one long or two short videos.
  1. Total Body Workout- 28 Min
    Total body workout- 28 minutes long, good core workout. This video is good as a supplement to practice. It is also good for if we cancel practice due to weather or wet trails.
  2. Total Body Workout- 10 min.
    This video is a short but sweet workout with Tony Horton (of P90X fame). It is a good workout to do in conjunction with practice, to do on the off days. It is also good to add to any other workout you may do.
  3. Full Body with Plyometrics- 30 min.
    Let Tony Horton get you sweating with this 30 min. workout. This is a good all around workout to keep you active and in shape.
  4. Plyometrics- 15 min.
    Plyometrics is a full motion, full body workout. This short video is good when you are pressed for time and need to get a short workout in.